Our Products

Single Point (refillable) Lubricator
Single Point Lubricator
Drip Feed Oiler
Drip Feed Oiler
Centralised Group Lubrication System
Centralised Group Lubrication System

Solution based Products

Most of the suppliers want to just sell their products, whereas we are always more keen on providing right kind of solution. Our range of products are solutions to wide range of Industrial applications. 

We carry real rich Indian values & ethics that always keeps us in good books of customers.

Applications :
Our Automatic Lubrication products are useful for
wide range of industrial applications like :
material handling equipments, heavy/large
electrical motors, blower fans, conveyors,
wide range of industrial bearings, chains, open
gears pertaining to the paper industry, power
plants, automobile plants, cement & steel
industries, wind turbines, food & beverage
industry, breweries etc.