Single Point (refillable) Lubricator


Industrial Machinery Lubrication is a very important & technical job, and hence it is very
necessary to implement programmed lubrication. The objectives of programmed
lubrication is to achieve 4 R : Right Time, Right Type, Right Volume & Right Place which
ensures reduction in breakdowns, reduction in maintenance costs, increased production &
profitability. Achieving programmed lubrication objectives by the way of manual lubrication
is very difficult, mainly because lubrication is required when the bearings, chains & gears
of the machine are operating and not when idle. Manual lubrication of the machines during
production may be very unsafe for the workmen.

Automatic Lubrication Systems were designed & developed to achieve the objectives of
programmed lubrication. There are many types of machineries in the various industries,
and hence we can find many types of automatic lubrication systems as well, to suit the

Type of Lubrication Systems :

Single Point Lubricators
Single Line Lubrication Systems
Dual Line Lubrication Systems
Multi-line Lubrication Systems

Single Point Lubricator :
Single Point Lubricator is a handy, programmable device which can cater a single
lubrication point for a fixed period of time. The Single Point Lubricator mainly consists of
two part sections, one section is the mechanism to pump out the lubricant and another
section is the lube container with an output port.

Single point lubricator can be directly fixed into the greasing or lubrication socket, also it
can be fixed about 6 feet away from the lubrication point in case the direct fixing is not

Recently the Single Point Lubricator is becoming preferred lubrication system in the
Industrial scenario, because it is like an individual mini-pump, programmed individually and
dedicated to one single lubrication point, these makes it more efficient and also user can
easily approach each point to check the lubrication.

IOT version of Single Point Lubricators can send status report directly to the user’s mobile
via internet. IOT feature enables user to check status of many number of lubricators on a
single screen. IOT Single Point Lubricators are latest trend picking up fast.

We manufacture unique Single Point Lubricator — refillable & reusable type. We have
indigenously designed & developed the product in INDIA. Very soon our IOT version is
about to get launched.

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