M/s MARUTI EL-TECH Is A Mumbai based, proprietorship company, dedicated to the business of industrial automatic lubrication.

Prior to this venture, the promoters were initially involved in supplying thickeners for grease manufacturing for quite a few years, gradually progressed towards grease marketing mainly for exporting high quality greases made in india by independent lubricant manufacturing plants – these were the plants wherein products of other renowned global brands were also manufactured. 

In the year 2008, an incidental exposure to centralised lubrication systems, and later observing the kind of a vacuum of good innovative lubrication products sparked more interest towards the field of automatic lubrication.

After couple of years of studying, understanding and learning more about lubrication systems, some field trials were also conducted for practical understandings. After thorough understanding, M/s Maruti El-tech was formed in the year 2010.

This way, M/s Maruti El-tech has adequate experience of over 18 years in the field of lubricants & lubrication,  which constitutes as a strong spine of the company.

We strive to offer best lubrication system solutions and hence invest significant time & efforts in research & development of new ideas & products that can bring the change in the field of industrial automatic lubrication.

To achieve the objectives of programmed lubrication like right time, right volume, right type & right place, we recommend implementation appropriate automatic lubrication systems. This ensures that the bearings, chains & open gears are systematically lubricated while in operation.

If you have any query regarding automatic lubrication systems, please do not hesitate to give us a call, looking forward to hearing from you, thanks !


Our mission is to provide solutions for uninterrupted operation of industrial bearings, chains & open gears, resulting in increase of productivity & profitability of the manufacturing companies


Our vision is to research & develop new & innovative machinery lubrication solutions, gradually grow into globally recognised OEM