We at Maruti Eltech are concerned about environmental situation and we have always had an intense urge to find some unique solution for tree plantation in dry areas with very less water. The good news is that there is a solution available and we have got hold of it, “Waterboxx Plant cocoon”. We are happy to be an All-India Distributor for Groasis Waterboxx

Mother Nature has it’s own ways of sowings seeds. Waterboxx planter device is a copy of Mother Nature’s way. The Waterboxx technology is about planting trees in such a way that, after initial 1 year nurturing, trees can sustain on it’s own without any manual re-watering. The main aim of Waterboxx is to establish primary root 6 feet straight into the ground.

  • Grow trees with 99% less water
  • Use waterboxx planter device and follow installation procedure
  • Waterboxx is re-usable 
  • Grow 10 trees in 10 ten years with same waterboxx
waterboxx result surendra - neem tree
Actual installed image
  • Trees are the cheapest machine to arrest atmospheric carbondioxide
  • Trees are the connecting device between the sky & the land
Waterboxx Pic