Single Point (Refillable) Lubricator

Single Point (refillable) Lubricator
Single Point Lubricator

Automatic Single Point Lubricator is a simple programmable lubricant dosage device that caters a single bearing lubrication point. It can be useful for wide range of industrial bearings, chains, open gears etc. The available single point lubricators in the market are mainly consumable & non re-fillable types, wherein every-time after the lubricant is consumed a new lubricator or a new pre-filled replaceable lube cartridges are required. The reoccurring costs of lubricators or pre-filled cartridges proves to be an expensive exercise. And this is where GresOn makes the difference, as it
is an easily refillable Automatic Single Point Lubricator with a unique reusable Lube Container.

EC1 250 Black
EC1 250 Black

GresOn EC1-250 is an electromechanical Automatic (Refillable) Single Point Lubricator device that can be programmed for 1 to 12 months and directly fixed into the lubrication point (grease nipple socket). Once fixed,
it then keeps dispensing small dosages of the oil / grease at regular intervals for the selected number of months. GresOn EC1-250 is equipped with number of LED indications, enabling user to know its various functional status.

• Made in Bharat (India)
• Long life Motor
• Battery operated
• Battery life 5 times or 1 year
• 250g lube container
• LED indications
• Max pressure upto 7.5 bar
• Max operating temperature 60ºC
• Suitable for upto NLGI 2 Grease
• Settings from 1 to 12 months
• IOT version available optionally
• Manual Override Switch for on the spot checking
• Allows user to use any nlgi 2 Grease of their choices
• Easily RE-FILLABLE & reusable lube container.
• On/Off switch to stop the device when not required
• Can be fixed upto 2 meters away from the lube point


EC1-250 installed
EC1-250 installed